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Barack Obama's algorhythms

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Barack Obama's algorhythms

Сообщение ирина мария » 07 апр 2014, 21:48


Алгоритмы Барака Обамы. Barack Obama's algorhythms.

1. РОЗА ВЕТРОВ. Rose of the Wind.

Rose: Роза = 44 + 44 = 88, - это "Джон" (Кеннеди) + "44-й" (Обама), и Буши: 8+8.
Bushes. Wind, as "George Bush" = 109, = "President".
Wind: Ветер = 53a + 56 = 109, + 109 = 218. Year 2018 is going to blow ... another "812-th"? Or 1918-th.
At the time 812-th we had a symbol of "Napoleon = 99a", today this number has "Obama = 99".

2. Rose and Cross.
Или: Почему Обама так стремится на ... Голгофу, и Почему именно 2013-й? (Март 2014-го все ещё 2013-й/ все еще 8-й). Obama’s algorhythm striving for the … Golgotha. Therefore he is rushing for Russia.
Ветер = 53 + 54 + 55 + 56 (Алфавит Буквологии).
Rosa = 44.
The President with number of "Rose" belongs to the Rose's symbol. And, in case that symbol belongs to Golgotha, the whole things belong to it and are supposed to look like "Golgotha". Economy, for example, has got the direction of ... Death. but, with hope to get re-born. Just right after the "Crist"'s symbol, strait after the algorhythm.

What prophethy we have got till now?
Another question would bring some answer: what is the symbol of crusifiety? Number "5".
In Russian: "5" = 99a + 5 = 104a or: 104 + 105 == Gospodj (Crist), == "Death". Nothing personal, - just symbols!
For a politics number "5" sounds by now, as "May" in this year. And as "2015".






In case the number of the name "Jesus" in russian is the same as "Meridian".

а) Mos-Cow's Meridian: 55-th - 56-th (wind's meridian).
Wind from 1944-th coming to 1954-th and back to March 2014: Crimea. Stjupid present to Ukraine from Khrutschev, as it was a private thing. That was a time of ONE Nation, all together they were and still are - Russians. What a mess made some stupid, high settled people. Witout any referendums - just presented a land. In 1991 another not-very-smart person did not mentioned about russian area. Was too drunk?
From the win in the Second War, - under faschizm. Neo-faschizm in Ukrain and all around the world till now.
Secind war 1944 - from Crimea and port Sevastopol start to 5-th month 1945 - to the Win.
This time - 44-th President of America and the way to cold war?

b) The Meridian of Moscow is the same as the Golgotha's one.

Крым = 73 (Crimea) returned back to Russia (Rosa - роса - роза) even 7.3-rd. The point of the resonance - is the "place" of the any Turn (Death or re-Life).
There are 3 places of Golgotha on the Map of the planet.
In translation: "Lobnoje mesto", just, as it is on the Red Square. Rad square. Let's coun as the second place, after the historical place at the Red See.
Third one: name of the mountain at island in the White see. And the 4-th one: "the heel of the 8-ty" - Black See. Is'nt those symbols of Alchemy?!

d) Number 44 for 44-th President; as Rose belongs to the Golgotha and to the Cross, ...
In case America is going in that famous cristian symbol of the Time and History: from the "Unburned Bush", - Wind's Rose, or "Eighty", to "Rose at the Cross".
The First Symbol of a country working as a Name of a Ship, it works as an intention. They RUShing the country, pushing it in following the Algorhythm. Any algo. And, the more famous is the Algo, the more powerful it is.

After the numbers of the name "America" = 63a + 64 = "Vosmerka" (Eighty) we may see some special Amerika's history points:
1963 (name Kennedi - Jon = 44, as Rose = 44, and word "president = 109" as "wind" = 109, and his sirname "Kennedy = 161" as "president = 161" in a second counting by Buckvologia's Alphabeth).
Eighty, as a next symbol? Yes, the

История о Христе, в символах: он - Агнец, то есть, в Системе "God", "Son of theo God", он - 12-й / 1-й месяц: МАРТ = 53.
Крест стоит на 3-й ступенях: Март пока ещё 3-й месяц в Системе "Солнечный Год".
Cross bases on 3 steps of the stairs. March - too.

As we already know: in the (russian) language to read "Iisus", == "Second" (Секунда), - the smallest part of the God.
As Month, - another part of theo God, - 12 and 1. Mistaken counted as the Symbol before his death: 12+1 = 13?
Jesus is called as Rose of the World. "Worlds - Swords - Swort": Т, - symbol of the Cross. Symbol "T" - symbol of the Time - God.
Criptogram of the "Cross at 3 steps of the stairs": Jesus, as a "Small part of the God" (son - Sonny Year), - Year (T) starts (bases) at "3".

Иисуса называют "Розой мира". "Роза на кресте".
Если "крест", == "символ": "Роза - это символ". Иисус - тоже Символ!
Символ чего? Воскрешения после смерти. Revival, coming back from the death. After-letters: "Crist", - Христос = 104 + 105 = 209a = "Death".
Could it possibly be counted in this way: 104 + 105 as 2014 - 2015? Why not, if "209a = 210" as Years 2009 - 2010.
Those years are years of Barack Obama’s coming, from Bush.

3. Another algorhythm - "The Bush on the top of mountain was talking to Michael, and 10 pages of low": 2010-th, elections with MacKein (Mike).
The family "Bush", 8+8 = XVI years on the top, was "burned" while elections. See this "bush of wind's roses"s algo from the russian Icon "Unburned bush". There is to say: unburned for 8+8 years.

Maim symbols of "8+8": one 8-ty shown in Graphic of Geometry, another "8-ty" - from 2 Nimbs: sacred air - field above two head, Mother + Son. "Mother (Matj)" in numbers 63a + 65 = "Wosmerka", eagual to "Son" (Сын = 63а + 63а, == "Wosmerka"), - Eigthy.
In the "God's (year's) System" 's measuring: 1963 - 1964 - 1965.

At the Legend at the base of mountain there are people coming to "gold cows". Well. Cow is the totem of B. Obama.
He had the Symbol, to whom people came in 2010-th.

The Symbol of the "Crist" - to the God (Year) 2014 - 2015 (came from symbols of "Death", but as well, pusching from the algorhythm of "gone from the Death to the Life", - "re-birthing") pushing to .
Name "Barack Obama" = 34 + 34, - in date of 3.4, - in 2014-th could mean "3-d". Day or month. March, for example.


The next symbol of B. Obama and those algorhythm is "Cow", coming from crusifiing, through "5", through "Ursa's", - sky symbols of the 44-th President, in his Totem "Bull". At the star's symbols it is a Sacred Cow, - Taurus. "Taw - and - Rus".
Tau - taw in Russian means ROSA = 54, a drop of the morning's or evening's pure wather.

The cleaning (al-chemy) process - procedure, from 1954-th, became at "3/4", with President Obama taking a part in the process.
"Cold wind" from 63a = America, with the similar symbols of the 1963, even at the same date, as that happened in Dallas: 22-nd. March. What about Eighty?
In 1963-th that was the number of October, to count the real Sonny Circle from 22-23 March.
In the 2014 (still 2013 in March) that was "break of G8".
Cow is taking "a sword". After words: Alphabeth: T= 20.




Symbol "Obama = 99 = Barack" as "99 years": pre-coming symbol. Previous to "100" or "100%".
Hundred - STO (in rus.) in numbers it is "55".
Two dippers or two Ursas (Bears): 55. Or: 5+5 = 10. From 2010 to "100%" of something.?

In case we used the symbol of D. Kennedy, we have to figure out the famous symbols: 205 = Jon Kennedy, as his name at Ursa's Graphic "2x05". In case of "22-th October": 22 (instead of 55) and 10-th, in existing and mistaken calendar.
What about "year 1963"" Well, it is Bear. In the Awesta-calendar. Symbol "Bear" is the same, as "Sacred Cow" (священная корова = 205).
It seems, "Jon Kennedy = 205", == "sacred Cow". What for then?

There are two "COWs" in the word "Moc-Cow" .

There are to guess some speculations about the President Obama' s privat numbers. Based on "Cow" symbol. Important to notice: the symbol "99", compared to "100" = 55, and Cow-Cow (Moc-coW) with "55", ... This is a previous step of his: whatever - however he will deal now is an intention - realisation for the next his step. Now - in the policy, later - in his private life.

One Russian symbol "100" = 100 + 55 == revolution. Another number: 155 + 50 = 205. According on Ursa's "2x05": 100 years ago: started from 1914 to 1918.
Actually, "14" and "8-ty" - all are symbols of two Cows (Bears).

Rose and 8-ty, and 3 steps of the Cross’s basement. Real cross is X+Y. “Meridian”, == Iisus.
Another way to see those symbols: 5-pointed star of Spasskaja bashnja based on triangle of Kremlin, - "crusifiing".
Mausoleum 4-pointed at base, with 3 steps, on the new planet net, as 8-ty.

Actually, there is just ... "38", - number of the Moscow's meridian, written by figures, - as some things of the Architecture.
Actually it is 37 - 38. Maybe, 37,3, Written trough Fractal in the following way: 373 - 264 = 109 (Wind). Horizontal number of Moscow - 55a (Wind).
The body of the 3 coordinates of the Cross, XYZ, - made of 8-ty: Rose of the Wind as we used to use while drawing.

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Re: Barack Obama's algorhythms

Сообщение ирина мария » 07 апр 2014, 22:24

Dear Martha!

As you can see, there is two similar symbols at the map: Mexico'a Gulf and Ochotskoje sea: 7 and 7.

[url=http://pikucha.ru/icTsN Изображение[/url]

They say: Moscow and Mexico are on the same axis.
Axis has the symbol "II" on the map ("карта"), but "11" is the number of the card in gumble. Common symbol: карты.


Attention to the meridian "37", or "37,3 - 37.7":

As you can see: figure "7" and Triangle "Bear-mud" are symbols of the "Dama Pick".
Russians "7" under the tail of the "Dragon" (Bear - Cow), plus Triangle of the Kremlin.
Moscow stays at the 7 hills. There are 7 buildings, figure as a triangle.


Simillarity of "7-th" gives a type of the likeness of Russia and North America.

Another similar country's symbols bring Russia and German together: Bear0lin and Bear (Russian's totem).
Even so: Eye.
Eye of the Russian's Bear - Moscow.
Eye of the German's Bearchen - Augenburg. Букварно: ГЛАЗa (Augen)-бург.


After Bible: Dragon (Bear) has at his shoulters someone (woman) ... "changeable".
Russia has an Europe.
German - all the Unit.
Amerika - Canada.


If Russia will be taken as a Cow (actually, togeter with China and India - "breast of the Cow"), then Japan would be seen as "Fox".
The "swort" of the Cow - ocean.
Problems are supposed to come from the ocean.



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