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Richard Gere

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Richard Gere

Сообщение ирина мария » 25 фев 2009, 06:43

Why that was Richard Gere to play the role of the First Knight &

Who did invite him to the movie - shooting, or: from Whom he was supposed to become those symbols, and such famous of them - the Swort of the King Artuhr.
What does that mean at all?
Why that was the First Knight who had got the right of the first night, it is clear enough, - it is the matter of the letters: knight - night.
Into English enough.
But those symbols - numbers are too Russian, for us not to notice them: RICHARD = 18+10+25+1+18+5 = 77, GERE = 4+10+18 = 32, in sum: 77 + 32 = 109.
The name was: 109 = Lancelot.

First Knight = 84 + 118 = 202 in the Program is the following: night between 19 - 20 of May 2002-nd.
Eighty in Russian gives number 118 (knight), which means 8-th night - Day = 109, as Monday, and 8-th night - day of the Moon's counting.
Rythm of 8-thy named "bowl of the Graal". Bowl = 118 in Russian.

Then symbols of the King Artuhr: Kniga (the Book) - Bookvologia, which consist of the new numbered Alfabeth 8-hty. Calendar, Watches, included counting 8x 90 minit and lengh of the God's circle in 8-hty: 8 x 366a.
Art of the Uhr: Lotus. Therefore Lancelot was called as marshy, - because of marsh, - the Lotus's place of living.

Richard Gere's symbols are here: 10/9 Sent as "Lancelot", and date 1/1/8 - the date of the supposed death of mine, as the "saint Graal".
The vorname of mine " Horohordina" = 161 means in number "Lake's Hostress" = 161.
The Lake is to become presented here as well: it is, actually, a marsh, in Geometry as 8-hty, and there is an island there in the centre of the biggest crise, named in the Legende as Apple's island.

This marsh with the small island is to find at the Moscow's Map: it is at Nord Ost = 109, where my house to be found as a POINT of the Geometry for builbing of the New Nets of the Coordinates.

And, on the same line down to the Sity, at the South of it, there is an Apple's Street. There is the house of my Mother to be found as an another POINT of the Geomertie's line.
At last, there is a symbol of the S-WORT (words) - the tower named Ostankino. Watching it from the Nord Ost you are going to become surprised. Just have a look at the picture of it, you will see.


Sincerelly yours,
Horohordina Irina Maria Gen. Ra. - G.I.R.
ирина мария
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