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President of Republik Rwanda, you are great!

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President of Republik Rwanda, you are great!

Сообщение ирина мария » 12 янв 2012, 05:15

Twitter. I offer to the Presiden of Republik Rwanda an idea about new Calendar and Watches and he answeres: it sounds interesting. Amaising!
From Maja to Rwanda through Russia?! We'll see.


Forgive me, if i have no idea about how to apply to You. Allow me to say just:

Dear Sir!

All the world has the same difficultes in it's Economics und, as a result, - in the Policy.
On the dark site of those "all" we all have the same Calendar: it is a-rhythmical one, taken just so, which has nothing common with the Nature.

One can easy prove it: the Day-time starts in the middle-Night, instead of having one part of the C. for the Moon and another part - for the Sun. And Watches - as well. Monthes.

Arhythm in counting the circle, consisting 12 Monthes for the Sun-circle is right, but with Rhythm, please! Well, T = 366 and T = 367 sounds more reasonable, is not it, Sir President? Just as it is in the Nature for the people, wenn they as normal have T 36,6 - 36.7. It sounds naturally, is'nt it?In a right Calender all things are suppose to sound near to the Nature. That is the main Princip of the new Counting of the Time.

New Time are going to bring new times. Before it did the Nature out of Itself. It seems to be obvious.

How to get T = 366 and 367 days is an easy matter of counting.
And so on: a lot of mistakes are ruling the world through the Low, - every Low of every Country!

There is what people say, all around: the Word made after the World.
All are repeating that after the Bible. So then, let the World have ANOTHER and RIGHT Word from it's common, international Low: Moon + Sun are comming together, and those Religions following that common Calender!

Dear Sir!
Thank You for Your attention.
I can tell You more and more. With my pleasure, if You want me to say, in case are going to continue with Your interest in the subject.
I even have my new counting on my Home Page horohordina.wmsite.ru. Please, You are wellcome to my Forum.

But, so far You are very busy Man, i would adopt or rewrite Matrix Rhythm (as i call my new C.) especially for you.
Just, please, would You let me khow about my "khow-how".

The important thing about the chain "Time-times" or "counting Time - acounts":
in case we are enxious to improve an Economic, could not it possible be that while improving a System, having some Mistakes in it's Low as mistaken and mistaking C., we are improving at it's First Line those Mistakes?!

Unrightly Counting the Time, doing it after our Low (Calendar is a part of the Low), we are seeding the Thoughts, the Words after Thoughts, which containing some Mistakes, and our Reality is commimg out after them, as we want it to come.
Is not it easy way to get an Order, bringing in Order at First Line our Calender?

Hope, You are still her, Your High Majesty, Sir President of the Republic Rwanda.

Sincerelly Yours,
Khorokhordina Irina Maria.
ирина мария
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