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Are you booking in Vienna?

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Are you booking in Vienna?

Сообщение ирина мария » 20 сен 2010, 15:52

Are you looking for a nice hotel,
high at spending your time and low in spending your money?

There is an Hotel, which i choosed for me, been there for 2 times. I had really enjoyed the hotel-time in Vienna, i spended there.
The address is:
A-1170 Wien. Helblinggasse 7\2, Herr Manuel Romero.

There is a large space in a room inside, inclsive a kichen.
There is a niciest garden outside, im Hof.
There are a nice people to serve.
There are prises from 50 Euro for a big and comfortable bed in the big space of any room.
Have a look yourself.

Enjoy your stay at my favorite hotel too!
ирина мария
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