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2012: The right DIAMOND after the Philosophie is ...

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2012: The right DIAMOND after the Philosophie is ...

Сообщение ирина мария » 21 ноя 2009, 15:07


The information about 2012 one may find at my site. The matter is: Sunny God (the Year of the sun-circle or "sun-rey") which we all have 2012 - 1582 = 430 years, is over: that have been a Calendar, which has contained MISTAKES, to start with un-rhythmus of the Year in monthes - counting.
The new Matrix of the Calendar, which does have the right Length and Rhythmus, two lines of the Times, - circle of the Sun and circle of the Moon, - those both in them right Lengthes and with Rhythmuses.
Such the "END of the World" is supposed to be heard as "End of the un-right WORDS (of the u-rhythmical Calendar)".

Dear Marie Diamond!

Would You, Please, hear what i am saying all the time while writing to You!
There is a Knowledge beyond what you all are saying about the wellness, but under the Universe's bling as well. The matter is what people will choose, by their WORDs, of cource.

By the way: the Key for the Knowledge was found in words, as one Russian Word. So then that means: Russian is a Key-translator, after them new Alphabeth, called "Eighty".
Eight comes everywhere in Time-counting as well.
Just after the sun-reys.
And that WORD, as You, probably know, Philosophy calls a DIAMOND. After the MOND-circle, as well. DU-a-MOND, may be heard. "The second one is the MOON - circle". All languages come together to re-key main symbols of the Nature.
So then, so far "the Ghost" in Russian sounds as "STANDART (GOST)", and "GOD" sounds as "Year", the "Holly Ghost" comes to the "right Standarts of the Calendar". Which is given in the net at the horohordina.wmsite.ru homepages.

Thank you for your WISDOMS, which were put there too.

With all respect to You,

Khorokhordina Irina Maria.
ирина мария
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