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Why for the role of the First Knight was taken R. Gere?

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Why for the role of the First Knight was taken R. Gere?

Сообщение ирина мария » 21 авг 2009, 17:05

When there is, as if, might be given A KING (kniga - "a book" in Russian), there is supposed to be added a role of the "first knigt".

In case there is a Calendar as the first Book of the country, and Azbooka of the Time as king's First Knight.
In case there is just BOOK would be menshioned as a King, so then an Alphabet is supposed as "the First Knight" there.

There has been a First Knight, as a moovie, where for the role of The First Knight of the king Artuhr was shut RICHARD GERE (77 + 31a = 108f = 109)/ The question is: was't it because of the name of the knight in numbers, which are the same, as "R. Gere" has: 108a = 109 = Lancelot?

Does it mean, that Angels are singing laud enough, for some "echo-loting" people, - for the people, who can hear some sounds of the Sacred Space, which does not sounds for the rest?
Does not it mean, that in people's passports is written down their fate, - the way to go till the last date?

In case we do know about the last date, comming out of our names (we call them "rens"), what we are supposed to do with that knowledge?
We should add as well here:
what we are supposed to do, in case we figured out that Russian Language keeps a Key for out-reading that dates?

Some rens are read out at our Homepage's forum, in case anyone is interested in founding out such ways and 0-points in some names of the word's famouse faces, like Leonardo da Vinci, Princess Diana, John Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Natasha Richardson and others.

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