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"Red roses for a blue woman" and "Oh mammi blue" - ?

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"Red roses for a blue woman" and "Oh mammi blue" - ?

Сообщение ирина мария » 21 авг 2009, 16:44

Why English language might be called as an ANGEL's language

i would figure out of those songes's lines:

"Red roses for a blue woman" and "Oh mammi blue".

Main words are BLUE - WOMAN. From Russian GOLUBOY = 83 = Jenschina.
All the world celebrates the women's date 8/3-d. Does it means that Russian language is supposed to be found as a language – translater from the Program's language, and English one as it's close helper.

When there is, as if, might be given A KING (kniga - "a book" in Russian), there is supposed to be added a role of the "first knigt".

By the way: for the role of The First Knight of the king Artuhr was shut RICHARD GERE (77 + 31a = 108f = 109), because the name of the knight was 108a = 109 = Lancelot.
Does it mean, that Angels are singing laud enough, for some "echo-loting" people, - for the people, who can hear some sounds of the Sacred Space, which does not sounds for the rest?

The same means for the autors of the sons from those written above: BLUE WOMEN is in numbers after the words are similar: 83.
Number comes to the Date. In Russian " Дата - Даме". In English it would be named “a Lady”.
Lady = blue woman, and Data 8/3 - woman's blue day.

For the new and right Calendar was taken a main word, which helped to start talking with the God: GOD in Russian means Year.

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