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Michael Jackson's last date's algorhythm

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Michael Jackson's last date's algorhythm

Сообщение ирина мария » 26 июн 2009, 20:18

Algorhythm of the death's Date of Michael Jackson

A name has always the code of the death. A passport has it, so far it has a date of a birth, so then it is supposed to keep and The last date-Point.

Let us take symbols of The Person, for us to get an example of how to learn and catch the "date-point" at an own Name. There are some conditions, we are to get abow all those: Resonance. It means, there are some symbols, getting themselves in resonance, and they are following:

1. Time
2. Name
3. Circumstances, like a medicine
4. Some, like organ of the body.

Let's see. Under the condition: all those symbols are to be read in Russian, with the Alphabet of mine, named Eigthy.

1. Date: 25. 6 - 26.6-th.

2. "Michael Jackson" = 132a + 133 = 265a = 266, or: 25.6 - 26.6-th. We 've got the news at 26.6-th.

3. Dimerol in Russian has 3 numbers, one of them is 133, twice is 266, or 26.6.

4. Heart. In Russian after Alphabet of mine - the same number 133 twice is 266.

Two other numbers after the word "heart" = 78a + 80 = 158a = 159 give us an interesting code to compare with, - code "Leonardo da Vinci" = 158a = master: Year of the death 1519-th for da Vinci, and about 1959-th – the Year of the birth for Jackson and 9-ty as “1519-th”.

That means, Master = 78 + 79a = 158a might has dead from a heart – attack, and Michael might have gone through the death-point.
By Jackson's code number 158 does after the medicine 158a = "dimerol" = 78f + 80 = 158a.

In case you are interesting in, ... it seems you are to get Russian language, to make it even most close to you.
The results of the "Vinci's code": as far, as their rens are the similar, and the numbers after the code "Leonardo da Vinci" came to the 2/5/9, -
(2 Maj 1519-th, - 1519-th after the number 159 after the master's name, which was read in Russian),
- one should compare them to the numbers of the Michael 's date of the death 25 June 2009-th, written as 25/9.
One can see: numbers 2.5.9 are identified to 25.9 as dates of the Calendar.
There are 3 languages, we have used now: English, Italian (French), Russian.

His 50 Years as a symbol comes in resonance to the word “Moon” (Luna = 50). Wasn’t he known by his moon’s step? Our main symbols are with us the whole our life. There are only two marks here: + and -, which make a great difference among a pile of those identical symbols.

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