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The Acts 7-33: tree - dimentions of the Earth 's net - 37.3

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The Acts 7-33: tree - dimentions of the Earth 's net - 37.3

Сообщение ирина мария » 13 июн 2009, 01:45


The Acts 7 - 30.
The Acts 7 - 33: for the place whehe thou standest is holy ground.

There is 0- meridian, but numbered as 37,3:


The net of the map is supposed to look like Truth, having tree - directions XYZ, but noy, like it has always been, - like a cross at Golgofa: XY, - two dimentionals of the net.
John 19 - 17:
"And he (was) bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called the Hebrew Gol'go-tha"

If Goal means a Point of the going, just go: straight to the skull - place at the Red Sguare in Moscow, which meridian comes from the White Sea and one island, called Golgofa.
The point of doing so is 0-point, to start with a new crosses at the map: XYZ. - 3-dimentioned net. Therefore there at the Gol'go-tha was 3 crosses.

H. Ira M.
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Сообщение ирина мария » 13 июн 2009, 02:40

The flamed unburned BUSH in Bible said 5 times.

In case Moscow-s meridian comes from Golgofa, the "bush" is supposed to be found at Skull place: the Red Square is so named.
The ground - floor of the Palace called Pokrovskij Sobor has the Geometry like "bush" has, and it is a star "8-ty".


There is the star "5-thy" in oposite: Spasskaja bashnja, which means Lord Savior. Just, like a cross-bearer.

"Bear" - an animal into the firstname of the president Medvedev. So then, would be "cross-bearer" = "cross of the Medvedev"? But: "new cross - at the time of Medvedev"!

Another diocese of the Program: GOD (Year's circles): 8 x 90 min and 12 x 60 min at the Uhr, in simple numbers 2+3 = 5.
Eighty in circles of the God:
366 x 3 + 367 = 1465, x 2 = 2930 days and nights. In Russian after letters: 293.0 = Bid Planet's Day.

Horohordina Irina Maria
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