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Philosophical Stone comes after the Russian Word

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Philosophical Stone comes after the Russian Word

Сообщение ирина мария » 17 май 2009, 17:22


You are wellcome to my homepage, in case you are interested in the subject, which had been always called as "Philosophic Stone".

There is not much in English, but still enough to get: the P.S. is the symbol, which in Russian means a WORD. One not real official Word, - even one dirty, - which symbol XYI means: there is a need to the new Sistem of Coordinates, and one of them - new Net at the map.

The 0-meridian comes through the Russian City - Moscow. The only COW, which "swort" stays at the center of the world, just have a look at the Egyptian atlas.


After the Alfabeth's letters of the WORD "ХУЙ" there are numbers of the new Coordinate, - the date for the thrue Calendar: the Numer 55 + 264 = 319, means the new counting of the Calendar's dates in rhythm of the Year 366 x3 + 367 = 1465 days x 2\ Eighty a Year, with every circle, going from the Begin at the evening 22 of March, including the LOST DAY of the Philosophy 31.9-th.
The very 0-coordinate to start with the new and Rhythmical Calendar: the 20 of May 2002-nd, through the all Lost days: 29 and 30 of Februar, 31 of September and 31 of November. And 31 April every 4-th Year.
So then u-rhythmical Calendar is loosing three dates: 31 August, 31 October, 31 December.

"Word-s" has been mixed (messed around) whith "Wort-s" and then - with the "Swort".
But Wahr ("the truth" in German) is the real alternative to any wars. The Program of the planet is letteral and it is numbered (digital), so then, the whole Idea comes to the ... number of the Time. Counting the Time, which is supposed to get a Rhythmus, which was failing till now.

Time's "0", - another "0 - point at XYZ coordinate's System", as the very first points for the Time-counting with the rhythmus: in counting of the years, monthes, weeks, dates and hours. The grafical way to come to the "stone" - Zerro, - 0- symbol, and it is the key, which comes from that Russian Word, ... whatever they would say about mysteryousness of the Philosophic Stone.

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