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To Prince William of the United Kingdom or for everyone.

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To Prince William of the United Kingdom or for everyone.

Сообщение ирина мария » 25 авг 2018, 22:26

Prince William of the United Kingdom, Duke of Cambridge
House of Windsor
I have changed my mind. There is an information for You, my dear Reader!

Dear Sir!

Allow me to speak about the sacred thing in your life – about the code of the fate of Princess Diana.
It is the second code in the whole world after the code “Leonardo da Vince” (written in Italian – read in Russian).

So far there is a new knowledge, which came after Philosophy’ questions in symbols and stories, - incl. it’s “philosophical stone”, - named Буквология (Letter’s logic), one part of it – private codes of lives.

After the idea "if there is, in passport, the first 0-point, as one's Date of the Birth, there is supposed to be found the last one as well".

Those two codes, da Vinci and Princess Diana, became the classic two. (After my father’s case, when I first time figured out that his last Date was to be found out from his (first) Name. And – with the Alphabeth, the second one, which came after the common Russian Alpfabeth, a little bit transformed. There is now 8 x 33 = 264 letters.

So far I had to use all symbols in the world, which I could get (to read about them) for my searching, to get them through the key’s numbers – terms – geometry,
I enjoyed the keltish legends about the Camelot, based of the King Arthur, and about “Lost Merlin’s books” and 57 poetries, which begins with the number “264”, written “in mirror”.
It sounds about that: “So far 462 stars will shine in the sky, Duke of Wales is begins to build his throne”. Like that.

Using my language and my own, "Eighty" - Alphabet, one may find in the sky number 264 after the Name of constellation of 2 Ursas (Bears or Sacred Cows):
Медведица (Bear), = 264, = 0 (Zerro), = 264 = Телец (Taurus).

Therefore, - so far one would collect numbers after a searching Symbol (words - names), - he/ she may make it easier in counting, while taking 264, to get less (or more) numbers. You will see the point later in following my thought.
The meaning: as if a Thing (a Symbol) would be pulled through the 0-point in the sky, - through the Pole.
There are two Dippers in the sky, each as the Graal-symbol, and the sacred Swort, which the Dipper (Saced Cow) is keeping in it's hand (swort - T).
Si then, every infos, getting through the "Pole", is transformed to Null. The out-used energie might be used again: kinetic energie - to the potential one.

The light beam from the sky comes to the Earth and leaves it’s trace in different ways, as well as a people themselves and them footsteps.
That could be a footprint of man, or some Architecture, or some water-print: ponds, in Walles, Allthorp, or in Moscow, as an example. I am going to show a build of my place (a pond with an island inside): “the Swort, which was given out of the water by the Hostes of Pond”.
This is the mailn Tail of the Camelot. But that is the build from one place in MosCOW, Nord-Ost (see the pictures below).

The geometry of the lake – 8-ty. The pond has an island inside the biggest sphere of “8-ty”. Itself alltogether as the footprint.
From above the island looks like an apple. Rememmber: “the Apple’s island became a last refuge for Arthur’s knights”.

One Rey from the Sun goes around the planet leaving a lot of similar traces. That similarity would be named an Algorhythm. The One for everyone, does not matter a languge he|she is having as a native one.
What does make them similar? Numbers, geometrie form, – key’s symbols. What is the way to identify symbols?

After common symbols, on the Earth like in the sky, there are some common algorhythmes.
If those trucks are leaved all around, they are to be found also in a One’s Name.

The Name of “Princess Diana (1961 - 1997)” is the classic algorhythm in Book-Logic (Буквология), which is the next Book after The Philosophy-books (En Encyclopedic outline of .. symbolical Philosophy of Manly P. Hall, published in Russian in 1997), - the book with answers to the main questions of the Ph.

Since 1997 it all started with the Ph/ in my life: I returned home to Moscow from Vienna, before being a civil engineer in Syberia, and architect in Austria, a designer in Moscow, I had got the book of M. Hall and … i got los. Philosophy has started to be my new and real life, since I found the Philosophic Stone (so named by masons) between those pages and the Answering of the Main Questions of the Space and Time begun.

As you may see, my own Legenda (and an agenda of of my life too) was written there: Legenda of Chiram. This are letters after my name: Kh.I.Ra.M.
I've got key from my life for 10 years till the 0-point of my own life-distance, which i figured out, using that Key, just right before i was supposed to die.
But, so far i found out the algorhytm and date of my supposed death (1997+10 years), i got a right to go through. Till now (1997 + 21+).
I have the same algo- with Princess Diana.
I used the Key-algo- of the Philosopie's Legenda and some examples, which became a basic, for myself to get through the 0-point (as if throuth the eye of the needle).
Well, it meens, at first i saved my own life thanks to the Princess Diana and, of course, because of the genial secret of the Ph.

The target of Hiram (that man of the Ph. Legenda) was to find out the Lost Word ("Lost Books" in Russian - a "Lost KNIGA". Again in English: "a KING". Книга на столе: Т).
И никакой это не меч! Символ "Т", что в руках у Коровы (again a swort in the Cow's hand. But: a symbol in Moc-COW, to get a very important symbol at the Earth's Map - for the Geomertie of the 3-D Netz Grad).

Mayby, a Symbols having been lost by Merlin too.
But – “the Lost Word, which, so far it will be found, is to activate each atom of the Whole, to bring Life up to the Universe … bla-bla-bla”.
Quick way to get our 12 threads DNA, instead of 2 or 3, which people have got till now, - in short to say about the goal:
Let us get the Ideal Symbols in the Laws of each country! For the Life and countrys to became an ideal. From the each atom of the Universe.

That Lost Word (from S-word to “swort”), actually, the Lost word (Symbol) of the Calendar, the Lost Day of it, was a target of Chiram.
To build a new Universe. New kind of civilization, an ideal one, which is always supposed to be built at Time and Space"s ideal symbols.
The task is to build it with such Time Counting, which does not bring into Life u-rhythm of Monthes of the Year, without a lot of mistakes, which are obvious or hidden inside the Calender and Whatches, and on the Map (2-D Netz Grad), and, otherwise: we are supposed to have an ideal Calendar with right rhythms, Watch with Sun+Moon rhythmes. Space is to become 3 dimentional Netz (Grid).

That is the task of each Governeur to bring Her/His Land to prosperity and so on, isn’t it? The life - to a long life, the heailth - to a good one.
Even "happiness", in Ru., has the 8-ty after the world. That means, - so far there is no 8-ty in Calender and Whatches, - the first LOST Word is "Eighty", isn't it!

The very First Thing to get on the happy way – the law about Time and Space, for them to get their 8-ty.
They are the most effective WORDS, which are making our Life (till now - in a chaotic way) - those words and thoughts, each sound, which are belong to the Time-counting and Spase-description. Every smal time, - every second, with every mouth and each thinking about time and a map they make the mistake's energy raisung. Our common Field of Energy and ... Memories. And, as well, the common History of the Earth.

Isn't it the right time to change things to ideal ones. The time and chance to get to "+" from "-" of that Field.
And therefore the Pole's symbols are the main ones. Right for the getting through the "0" of the "needle".
The "needle" self is the Axe of the Earth, with is going throuth Moc-coW (an eye of the Bear, 37 Grad \ Grid).
Greenwich for the 2-D Net, and Moskwich - for the 3-D Grid: 2+3 = 5-D.

Every wave – beam is lost while having been sent away from the Sun (Moon). The Sun is loosing a beam (rey).

It goes as an Energy, and while coming to the Earth it became a Sound (and Numbers after each one – after 33 letters of the Ru. Alphabet made).
Sounds, which goes through spinal column (33 vertebrates – Woerterbuch (germ. wort). Sound, made of 33 letters, then dressed at letters of another language, getting further through each mouth and tooth: 32+ or 33).
So then, we can find that Lost Word, using the same instruments: sonds, letters, numbers, numbers of dates of Calender.

I would not spend your time to speak about that Key-Word: it is a word only in Russian language, and ... in a very bad one. But everyone may figure out the number after that Word, looking in the sky, - it is written by two Dippers: 55, + 264 (Bear) = 319.
In Calendar there is the same number of the Day, that is supposed to become found: 319, as the Lost Day's number: 31.9.
The Day, been lost by Calender, 31.9, will be found. But there is a day 31.8, which is to became "a lost" one by the same Calender.

From symbol "a Day" - to "Di".
And that “Lost Day”, which became an algorhythm of dearest Mother of the 2 Princes, - Princess Diana.
Nothing personal, but - everything is personal, althouth they are just a common things. The common things of the Unit Programm/
Our wrong Calendar has to lose the Date 31.8, for the ideal Rhythm of Monthes to come in: (31+30) x6 = 366, to get the right T of the God (Год in Russian – Year\ Gott).
So far the normal T of people 36.6 as a Measure.
How to prove the symbol: going step-by-step with Measure after the … Beam, left everywhere around it’s traces. Naming them (sounding them) and putting one Numbers throuth the R. Alphabeth.

And one can see here some Diana's symbols (Diana's ren): 6 x61 (1961) and Day - Nigth 31.8 (DiaNa).
"Month" in Ru.: 97 = месяц. And 1997-th, on 37-th year.
Number of the new Net-grid, which is "tod": 37. A symbol, which doesn't exist means "tod (death)". I am using some German words to get you known about a "babilon tower". Babilon T-uhr-m.

How long comes the Beam from the Sun: 8/5 minute? Right. We may see here a geometry of our foot – 8-ty, plus S as fingers: 8.5.
One can see the same symbols in geometry of Sound (in a music symbols): (7+1 = 8) and 5 lines for 7 notes. Just as in Two Cows: 7 and 1 from them - the Pole-star.
Exactly to get the time of loosing the Light from the Universe: 8.31.
In Calendar it is the Day, which is giving to the Life u-rhythm from the Year: August, 31.
Instead of 31.8a comes 1.09 by schiffting the line od days.
September (and November) becomes Day 31.9, which was lost for the Time - Counting.

Personal from the common.

As you can see later this knot was the code of Lady Diana: 31.8.
The Day 31.8, and the place with the same nimber: Paris (318 = Париж = 54 + 264 = 318).
Whole phrase, as algorhythm and fate of the person: “Lost Day”, in Russian, where “Lost” sounds in numbers == “Princess Diana” (DY: Утраченный = 161+День 318а).
She was “princess = 129” in the same numbers of her name: “129 = Diana = 32 + 97 = 129 (принцесса)”. Counting after my own 8-ty Alphabeth.
And she was as well "lost" in number of the same name: "129 + 32 = 161 = Диана", = Yтраченный". Next word after the "Lost" (1/61) is the word 'DAY = 31.8a".

Diana had the number 161 twice: the day of her birth 1.61 and first name "Diana = 161".
Philosophy has it as a main Number: 1.618 = Fi.
Bookvologia has it as "161 = point of the death", or "0-point (167)" - 1.7.61 for Di.
Number of FI = 32 for 32 = Диана.
Well, so far Fi is a classic of the Ph., "Princess Diana" is working as a classic Example of the BL (БуквоЛогию), for the one, who is enxious to get his/her 0-point, for the 0-point to be pulled away, for one to go through his/her 0-point (point of the death).

What about the Princ Charls, according that "Charls = 94+" has the same number, as "Sun" (in Ru.) has: Солнце = 94а, и 94+ = Чарльз.
Nothing personal, but very personal algorhythm: Charls is loosing the rey (rex) Beam, which is comming to the Earth as a "Lost Day" (Lady Dy) at 1.61. There was just need at symbol of "8,31" as a Day (31.8) and as a Place (318 = Париж).
Even more:
The next Lost Day would be in March (Maerz in German): 1.23. That is the day, the Calender is started with.
In Russian "Mercedes" sounds in the same way: Maerc.
Ask me not what number made the ren "Dodi Alphajed". Yes, it is: 1.23. Try to count "automobil" in Ru.: 123 = автомобиль.

Just TWO LOST DAYS. But - two destinations. And more: the whole story of a contemporary Kingdom and a part of the History.
But just the Spirale of the Light's Gold Number: Fi = 1,618.

One more algorhythm from the Beam, means 0-point on the wave’s axe. In Russian – the same: 161 = точка смерти (point of the Death: "161 - "0" for Di").
Now one may push such a point, just while searching it in a pale of symbols, for “0” to let one going father. The energy, which was lost during the life, while coming through the “0 (Polus)”, will be transformed back to a potential energy.

День = 54а + 55 = 109, + 264 = 318 + 319. There are 2 lost days, following my way of counting. Have a look at the phrase, as if it is an equation: “Утраченный День» = “Точка смерти Принцессы Дианы – в слове «День»: 31.8» (The Death-point of Princess Diana – 31.8).
As you may see: 97 is the number of her Name “Диана = 5+10+1+15+66 = 97», getting in resonance with the Year (Год – God).
There was not much to do for help, just maybe … changing her name to Frencis = 109 (Френсис). Logic-way: the date 1.09 is coming instead of the date 31.8-th.

Someone else will be able to use this way to save or make longer his/her life just because there is an example of “know-how”, which was left thanks of the Lady Di. She is going to be more glorified because of her being now the Classic of the Philosophy. She is the energy of it: Философия = 161, and it’s Fi (Фи = 32) number: 1,618. As if there was sounded around: “Диана – 8-й МЕСЯЦ 97-го!»: месяц = 97 (Diana – 8-th month), and 97 = Month, and 97 = Diana.

There are two reasons to be grateful to the Princess Diana. One of them – in a private way.
There are a lot, really all around the planet, algorhythms with her Ren. Because of the number of Fibonachchi line: 1.618. The Beam makes out of it the Key-code, so then everyone has some similar patterns, and everyone is looking for that Number (actually, his/her 0-point) in own passport, for 0-point to let him/her living time longer.

Another point to become grateful to Lady Diana is the new Time-counting, with rhythm of Months.
Rhythm 8-ty comes into Calendar, which makes a life – Long Life: 8 x L = (average L-life) x8. That means: the sooner people will get right Calendar – the longer will be his/her life. The health better as well because of getting off the a-rhythm.

Rhythm of Watches – is the algorhythm of the Prince Charls and Lady Camilla.

As you my see, the Sun-rhythm on Watches is absent: there is no 8-ty. Un-correct Watches ruin people’s health. All symbols are to be proved trough an ideal ones, and the Ideal is a man/woman: 12+8 fingers in XY-dimensional system, 12+8 chromosomes and ideal blood pressure 120/80 give us an Ideal Watches: 12 x60 min., + 8 x 90 min.

In the Nature it is the flower on the water (water-footsteps): LOTUS: mechanism of the nature’s times (МЕЧ: механизм естественных часов) – swort. Swort, as we have seen it in symbol “T”, in Russian T = 20, but 12+8 = T, in simple numbers 3+2 = 5.
Symbol “3+2”, as “32 = Диана” is not such close to the Watch (Часы – символ ЧАРЛЬЗ), - symbol of the Prince Charls. But name “Camille”, it means flower, similar to Lotus, but on a field.
As the Legend about “Camelot” says, he was a KING, but he was a KNIGHT (рыцарь = 118), and the SECOND one was called Lancelot = 109.
Name Arthur = Art of Uhr.
Some KIND of Uhr (Time in German), sounded from Uhrsas and Tur (Taurus, that is holding “T-swort” in her hand, - watch star’s atlas by Jan Gevely), and has Eighty (118 = 8-ка), as a rhythm of the Sun.
KING – KNIGA: Book and letters (буквы) and Second (symbol of the Time). Night-counting separate from Day-time: “the Second Knight”. The second after the KING: all about Time-counting is getting after Alphabet and knowledge of “Book+Logica” (Буквология).


Sure your, royal, Family knows the 0-point for the Right Calendar to start.

People might not take new Time-counting just from a day, which is not appointed above. The Big Time+Space’s Wave started from end of 2005. So then, the L of the Year, made after the Sun beam, runs today, as 13-th: 2018 – 2005 = 13.
About Rhythm, when is the 0-point for a-rhythm, to get rid of it?

The same symbols of “2005”, but in 2002. 5. 20. Big and Little Dippers: 20.05.
So far Sun’s Calendar started 23 March, Mai 20-th has it’s “dipper” in mirror: 02. The SECOND. Tur (Taurus with T-swort): 20.5/ 2002.
Hammer, which activates every atom and cell, to bring the Life up: T.

Let some mason prove it – through T-symbol of right Temperature (thermometer: Mercury, as quick – silver Hg 200,5+).
Mercury, as a planet, which means Thought, which is quick. Egyptian god Toth (Tot: 20-02), with keeps a Key in his hands: “T= 12+8” at Watches, but T = 20 in fingers: 20.5. Year: T = (366 x3 +367) x2, x2 = 5860, but – the lost words “S86-t” (Свет in Russia, means Light).
So far we use different languages while searching we bringing together different parts of Babylon’s tower. And meanwhile we are rewriting the Kniga (Scenario) of the Life.


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Ордин Чертополоха. Боже, спаси этих королей и королевичей от урагана Хохмы!
Потомков "Лилии Франции" - тоже спаси!

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"Diana" for the Princess Diana

Сообщение ирина мария » 25 авг 2018, 23:19

This picture named "Diana"

Алгоритм леди Дианы.

Mercedes - мерин, - Конь = 71 (horse) и кон (God - fate): 7.1 (July 1961)

Месяц = 97 в руке (Moon): 1997-й.
Диана = 97, - тот же символ для проверки: 1997-й.

Внизу вода и остров: место последнего пристанища: Altorp + iceland.


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