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Swine-flu numbers cамe from the Bible

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Swine-flu numbers cамe from the Bible

Сообщение ирина мария » 30 апр 2009, 01:41

My message is about the Common Algorhythm and exsisting common Program on the planet.

The Program is to be found for the sake of the human till the Big Wave of the Circles, made of 2160 Years, is done. Actually, the circle was gone to 2006-th. That means the following: crizis comes to the end of the circle. Till then people were allowed to spread "stones", but after that point we are all have to found the way to gather the energie, which is till then spred. So named Vector of the Development goes back. A circle in that time is supposed to become less. In case people do anything to help the Nature, or don't. In cse we are doing "gathering stones job", or we are going to loose. To loose some jobs or places as well.

As it came out, the space's Program is to read in Russian: there is a Philosophic Stone, as just a WORD. The Word, as a CODe, after that comes new Calendar and Watches, and - RHYTHM, which fehlt to till now exsisting Time - counting.
For Russian languaqe, to be proved, as a translater, allow me have a look at one of the common Matrixes, - at the Periodic Chemie Table.
So far we have founded the point (the element, to identify the situation), we became a coordinate.
Let's take the Table this 109 elements, althogh there are 118, those came after 1995-th.

Number 109 means CIRCLE. Number 118 - "Eighty". Resonace: 2008-ty.
Name of the 109 - th element MEJTNERIJ = 111 + (113 + 166 = 279) = 390 - 264 = 126.
There are names of the first child, had been infiziert: 111 = Ernandes, and 126 = epidemic
Number 118 in resonance to his name 118 = "Erdar" as CIRCLE = 109. Number 109 as "SWINJA" to the epidemic's name. Algorhythm: 109-th element into the 8-th group of the Table, and it's name.

Time 26.4 und 27.9 after Matrix Time Counting, which sounds in u-rhythmic Calendar as 2 April 2009, - the very first regisrated cause, - is to be found into the name of the 109-th - "Mejtnerij" = 279 - 264. In my new Alphabeth, named 8-hty number 264 = (8x 33 letters) is the fractal, which might mean Zerro. Or - circle, as well.

Well, let us prove the resonance of the symbols, came together to the fall:
Meksika = 118 + (74+75 = 149), "Edgar Ernandes" = 118 + 149.
There are 109 + 40 = 149 elements at the whole Table. Therefore "Mexica" came in resonance to the Program.
Actually, there is the letter to the Readers: numbers 109 + 149 are to be read as "NEW SUN's CIRCLE".
It is supposed to be counted through 8-ty: 366x 3 + 367 = 1465 days x2 = 2930, = "BIG PLANET'S DAY". Just, as it named Nostradamus = 109 + 40 = 149. But exactly and letterelly after Russian Words's numbers.

Allow me to invite people to my site: horohordina.wmsite.ru. To pick up the idea for nations: How to get rid of the mistakes of the Time-counting instruments, for the new circle to start with the right and rhythmic Calendar. For the Sistem, which rises through WORDS, soundes after Calendar as well, for it to grow up in Harmony with the Nature.
Mark 5 - 13:
In case somebody is interested of how many people are going to die under the swin-flu, one can open the Bible, where was said about pigs: tree time one prophesy and one of them - about "UNCLEAN SPIRITS ENTERED into the 2000 swines, and the herd run violently down and step place into the sea and drowned".
Chemie and UNCLEAN SPIRIT are identic to the Space, we are all live inside the common Aura, which is unclean and full.
2000 as 7,4 % from dead
X as 100 % from infected: 2000 00 \ 7,4 % = 27 027 people are supposed to die by Bible.

"GhOST" in Russian means STANDARD, and the first kind of the Norm in Law is Calendar's and Time's countings. Mistaken ones. Made in sounds, thoughts and situtions, - in symbols, after which comes new unclear symbols.
The growed to the max circle is to smash itself from itself, or people make at list their work for gathering all symbols, for the new and right Time to come aut and lead the new circle. So then it is the way for all nations to clean up the unclean Space peacefully and quickly.
So far Mexica and Moscow are two points - twings: Medvedev, numbered as 109-th from the beginn, came at 8-th Year, with symbol of birth's day 14. 9, Year 65, as "legion" = 65, which had been the one, whom Jesus safed?

Sincerelly yours,
Horohordina Irina Maria
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Сообщение ирина мария » 30 апр 2009, 16:34

Prophesy from the Chemie, Atlas and Philosophy.

What kind of Eighty (wosmerka = 118 + 8 = 126, x2 = 252) is supposed to come in?
1. Date 20.5.02-nd after Sun-circle, + 8-h day of the Moon's circle.
2. Big Circle 8 x (366x3 + 367) = 11 720 days and nights.
Circle. Ring = 109.
Could it possible be: 8 and 11, - an a pair aut of the Chemie Table, than 118 numbers of the elements came after 109 ... ? Beginning from 1-1-8.


After we know that algorhythm: 109 goes off and 118 coms we may make a prognose about "swine" = 109, in 118 = Mexika. Swine goes down, Mexika grows up instead of "109".


Number after the name "Mexika" = 74 + 118 comes after the Table, so then will come the way for it's symbols for them to the settled in life. The are "7,4 % of the deaf".
To identify number 109 and 118 to the symbol of the Philosophi: a FROG, - and after it to the "PROG-gram": Ljagushka (frog) = 109 + 110 = 219. Symbol of the Frog (symbol Ljagushki = 118).
Ljagushka = 219, als 19.2, - the date to start with the right Counting of the Calendar.

There is tht symbol, belongs to the Year 2009, to May, - after the COW's symbol at the Egipten Atlas: number 109 and 7, as 109 = swine and 7% of the deads.
BUT: symbol of the Frog means MOISTURE = 123 and DAMPNEES. Trough symbols of the Nature it belongs to the BEGINNG of the Circle, although people made it 31/12. But - 23/1, in March.


So far it has been realized in Russia, at 7 March, for 109-th number for the new elected president. "Bear" in his name could be easily compared to that "Cow"- symbol. Mos-Cow comes to the epi-center automatically.
We might think: a lot of things in life comes up to us, and we are mistaken. At first time we were mistaken by the Mistakes in the Time-counting, to beginn with the u-rhythm.
Mexika and Moskwa (kwa - frog's sound) are twings at the map, so then Cow at the center are to be compared to Mexika.

Horohordina Irin Maria Ra.
ирина мария
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Fire at gas-line in Moscow as an alternativa to swine-flu

Сообщение ирина мария » 10 май 2009, 23:08

Fire at gas-line in Moscow as an alternativa to swine-flu in Mexika

Fire-work at 10 May 9, - gas-line explosion in Moscow:
the same symbol "10.9", just as : swine = 109.

Another algorhythm here is the following: "a king of the horor" (король устрашения) = 169: Sough - West : "Юго - Запад" = 52 + 33 = 85, + 84 + 149 = 318а, - 264 = 54: night 1o9\ 4 in the Big Circle.
Or: 1o.9 / 4 = OGONJ (fire).

Alternative thing for the "KING of the HOROR": KNIGA of HOROH-ORDINA. KNIGA means BOOK.


Bible has 529 times a word "fire" and 7 times "fire eating up".
What about is it? About the right numbers in the date 9 May 2009 - 10 May 2009, counting to the difference in 7 days and nights: 9 - 7 = 2.
Number of the May let count as 5 and year as 9: 2/5/9, or: 5.2.9.

One more thing about the number 259: the number after the name of the country after my Alphabeth Eighty: RUSSIA = 115 + 144 = 259.
The City on 7 hills - Moscow and number 259. Where are they from, those two nimbers 259 and 7? From the Circle 2160 x 12 = 25920 years and precetion 7 days, and 7 grad of the Earth's Axe too.
9 May 2009, - 229.
10 May 2009: 10 - 7 = 3-th of May 4 in the Big Circle: 3.2.4.
There are "eating up fire" into 2 Kingdom 229 and Jesus 4323.

Seven (semj) = 74 + 75 = 149, and 149 = "South-West" at 10/9.
The same algo in Mexika = 74 + 75 = 149, - swine = 109.
At the time under D. Medvedev, 14.9., numbered as 109-th governor.

ирина мария
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