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Je suis Time. Measure for the Law. Invitation for a praying.

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Je suis Time. Measure for the Law. Invitation for a praying.

Сообщение ирина мария » 21 ноя 2017, 21:26

Петиция за новый Счёт Времени и 3-х мерную сетку координат, согласно расшифрованным
(на деревянных идолах - на иконах) письменам.

Je suis Time.

Invitation for a praying - meditation for an Order on the whole planet.
We badly need an Order on the planet, but the One coming just from the Law, -
from each Constitution, - considered the right Time's Counting, at the Calendar
and on the Watch, with right Rhythms of Sun and Moon together,
and as well there is supposed the right Grid of the planet's map, so far our
Space 3-dimensional is.

Till now we have the 2-dimensional Grid, as the only document of the Earth,
which is a wrong one.

Those mistakes are bringing a chaos in the whole System, so then, the quicker
people would change their Law for the right Times-counting and Grid - the
sooner war and underlife goes away, and the better their life is going to
The only law, which can bring peace and prosperity on our planet and in every
life, - the Measure, which our Calendar - Watches and Grid are supposed to
have, but do not have it till now.

Measure is inborned. it is in the men's constitutions. One body, with inborned
Measure, is suffering under mistakes of Constitution's Law about Time + Space,
directing our life into a bad life's quality and wrong conditions of the life.

This is, actually, the idea of the Philosophy, - with the thing as a Key, has
been ever named as "the Philosophic stone".

The Idea was named in another way as Idea of the Right (ideal or perfect)
society, governing from the ... no, it goes about the very Prime Governiour -
about "Time + Space" Program, with it's right Rhythms and Grids.

There is no, in the Calendar, there is no even a Rhythm. Just check your
Calendar, from December: 31-31-28a-31-30-31-30-31-31-30-31-30.

Do you notice any Rhythm of mounts there? Sure, you don't!

If A-rhythm there would have been the only mistake - there would have been
already enough reasons for the Chaos to be, circle-by-circle, reproduced!

But: there is a lot of mistakes in Time-circle's counting, so then: our Space
has been always created by ... Chaos.

"Reproduced by mistakes", - so could be named everything, including
people themselves.
And, so far we do understand how simple and how common, all-around-the-world,
our problem is, we can see how easy the recovering way is (offered by Khiram):
just some new, but basic, ... Law-words\numbers. Only a couple of documents!

Do we still trust in "the Word was at the beginning"?

The Time and Grid, as one whole System (Calendar - Map - etc.), has it's
standards and numbers (ГОСТы - даты - ритмы), made of words and sounds by pronouncing and describing them. Just as a
Law Constitutional Words they are making the biggest part of planet's energy.

- What day is it today?
- It is 21-st of November, - one would answer.

And it is a wrong information since a new Calendar started with it's Rhythm,
from a very special date. From the very date, which is noticed everywhere
around the Universe - on the Earth and in the Sky.

That was the main algorhythm of our common Program - the 0-point, for the
Calendar with Rhythm to start. Time's Wave, a Big One, it turned back as well.
Well, in short: so far 2017 - 2005 = 12, - the Year 2017-th is 12-th Year of
the new Wave of the Time. The shift gives another date: 21-12 = 9-th of

The number of November would be 8-th\ not 11, because of the New Eve from 22-23
of March.
And - so on: a wave of the Nature goes it's way, the mistaken one - other's.

The result: people were going in their wrong, a-natural, way, to a
hell-knows-where. Such a situation brings the system to ... their ruines. To
To the next 0-punkt.
Actually, to the bottom, then to a new coMMa (spiral's circle) of energy.

Every o-point is a reason for the Nature to start with right symbols.

The Nature is starving to consume (пожрать) the system, for new one to
start with it's Ideal Symbols!

It is doing it's best to bring one day to the planet the right, Ideal System,
for the Earth to get it's Harmony, - the basement of it is the Measure's
Standarts (ГОСТ)

The same thing with the grid: 0-point to start 3-dimentional grid.

Example how we are sounding being "2-dimentional"?
There is no examples, one can just guess. It goes about the way we think.

We have no idea, what will be going on with this new nets, how it will
influence our brain's net, but it promises a lot of good surprises!

Word's and sound's energy around Time and Map.
They are the most used words in the whole world.

So far, they are bringing, - with every sound and thoughts and ideas about it,
every Second, - the Chaos with them, getting some energy after every word or thought.

Such "bad words" are creating our System. "Normal words"
from Law, but bearing mistakes in its, are no longer good, but some bad ones, aren't they!

Don't you believe the Nature of the Earth would stay away "being tolerant
of it"?
I don't think so. No way!
So then we can see the power of the Nature in such examples, as tornados or floods, for the Space to become cleaner.

Those mistakes make a lot of dirtiness while creating the life.

We are doing in the same way, so then we are all just multiplying the chaos
while we are living our life, even if we are not breaking any law.

Every Man is a Creator of the Life, yes, but till now - in the chaotic \ dirty

Je suis ... the Time, which create my life,
and i am creating the times - my own history and the History as well.

By seeing, watching and thinking about it I am repeating it, so then I am
multiplying it every hour - minute - second of my life, by words and my mind, -
I am creating the times and my own history, while making the Chaos. ...?

It comes out, people are reproducing Chaos, just by keeping their life-style!?

Such Times-counting is, actually, a Dragon.
In some Russian tails that symbol is known as "a Dragon, swallowed the Sun".
In Russian Alphabet "dragon" == "mistake".

I have to say: the Key-word, i mentioned above, is a Russian Word.
Actually, it is no word at all, just some symbols to describe in short:
the System "Space + Time".

In case, it would be You, who wanted to describe in-short your Space, you made, which symbols would have been used for that Space?

Well, Three-dimensional one, as XYZ, wouldn't it!
While describing the Time, which symbol would you have taken?
Well, the shortest one would be ",", isn't it?

What would you have as a result: "XYZ + comma"?

As a joke, but as the sorrowful one? got realized: "XYZ-dimensioned system
is off (in coma, - in a medical conditions to speak)". )

Some mis-effect of the Space-building: "coma" would come from

Well, "Space + Time" to describe, putting those symbols into a
Russian word, as the only One and united, ... ХУЙ.

The 3-rd Letters: Z - to Й coming out of "Z", turned to "И (in English
transcription: i)", plus symbol of the "Time": "XYZ+," - to ХУЙ.
Point, turned to Comma: "." - to ",", for the System to
become and to give an impulse\impetus.

Well, well, the Word is in Russia under the ban right now, because it belongs
to some DIRTY WORDs, which means a penis or limb, but, as we can see, it is a
word, belongs to the Body, and so then it means some symbols of the Measure, and some Rhythms as well. We take only symbols!

A man should have a look at the Measure\Causing symbols, for the System to become the Measure in Watch, Calendar and to the Map's grid.

For coma \ collapses of the life to be initiated with the right Rhythms \
Measure, for the long and happy Life - for the prosperity and the world in peace.

Because there would be no more reason for Nature to destruct the system, if
there is no one mistake in Standarts for building it's, new, times. Just in

ХУЙ is the very Prime symbol of the Creator \ GOD.

At list, there is just the Rhythm 1+2 = 3, and the symbols of Mathematic, which belongs to the very Cause of the Life:
1+1 = 2, and 1+2 = 3, and 3 +2 = 5, ...

Do you recognize that?

Yes, there are the numbers of the SPIRAL, known as numbers of Fibonachi.

Well, there are the symbols of the Time and the Space to be used: 2+3 = 5.


The Grid "2+3" means: to put 3-dimensional grid on the 2-dimensioned
The very first 3-dimensional nets will be built at the 37 - 38 grad of the
grid. It is the map of the ... Moscow.

There is the full explanation in the new knowledge named Буквология
(Letters-logic) from Khiram (Khorokhordina Ra., Irina Maria - Kh-I-Ra-Ma),
after the algorhtythm of Khiram, mentioned in classical symbolical Philosophy,
written by Manly P. Hall (Mistery of Khiram).

WATCH, as a part of the God. In Russian language GOD sounds as ГОД, which means Year, - Time's counting thing.

Rhythm "12 x 60 min" - it is the Moon Watch's Rhythm.

Rhythm of the Sun - Watches is 8 x 90 min.

In the simple numbers T = 12+8 comes to 2+3 = 5.

The rhythm 8 x 90 min, x2 comes from the Sun itself, because of the Ray \beam
is taking an about 8 minutes to get the surface of the Earth.
The only reason to get the ideal blood- pressure 120\80 - the Rhythm 12+8.

GOD as YEAR and it's Circles:

Sunny Circle becomes 8-ty as well, to cause our life as a longier one - to 8-ty
times longier life.

A-rhythm will be changed to the right Rhythm of months,
from March: 31 - 30 - 31 - 30 - 31 - 30 (Aug.) - 31 (Sept.) - 30 (Oct.) - 31 (Nov.) - 30 (Dec.) - 31 - 30.

That means, T = 366 days a Year (367 once in 4 Years, with Apr. 31 days).

Because. Because of the ... wind. )

Actually, because of the Nature: a wind - the energy of the Spiral "Space +
Time", which is coming here to the Earth through the whole Space-system,
made of stars - other planets, and all them have their weights - diameters -
distances, which are MEASURE of the Space. And - a Measure for the People as well.
We have our body's Measure just after those, that came from Space here.

Well, T of the Year 366 - 367 we have after that:
Earth's Diameter to Moon's one = 3,66 - 3,67.
Check a Measure of Body: T 36,6 - 36.7 means a normal T, isn't it!

Measure of the Year, considering 8-ty: (366 x3 + 367) x2 = 2930, days + nights, and 2 Years as 5860 in Russian Letters making again a World, - a World of the Light (ray) in Latin: S860-t == СВЕТ (light).

Moon's Circle begins with 13 months x 29,5 = 384 nights for a Year's circle.

Why\ where from do i know that?
Remember, it is always the same: keep up to the Measure. In this case we will check to the two planet's measure: 384 th.km from Moon to the Earth.

T 384 as a Measure of the Body: T 38,4 instead of T 35,4.

What kind of the life with T 35,4 for a Body? Underlife!

What does it mean?
It means some worsiest things for a Pharmacy-business, but the best ones for the Health: a body under the Temperature of 38.4 degries gets rid of viruses and gets it's immunity stronger.

Some more, very important thing about whole those:

- Measure is coming into the Systems - from an every body's cell to the whole
system in it's economy and politics, for them to become changed from the Beginn, - from now on!

And, those changed worlds, numbers, - got it with the right Rhythms, - put into
the main documents of the word, - in every own country's Law!

Enough and needed, just right for a new better life (there are a bit more
information - dates to be changed, but - in general).

- The common field of the Earth, the common memory of that Field: it is going
to become changed: the brutaliest stories, like the first one, named Golgopha
(the place and matter of killing of the Sun's-Moon's Man, named Jesus) - this
one and such stories are going to become transformed\ changed to became only a
story about just abstractive Measure's dates,
which has no emotions around it, - just a Measure. The Truth along.

In that case symbols of Christ come to some GOD's \ Circle's symbols: Jesus (in
Russian Alph.) == Second, - the smallest part of the God and Map (Maria).

- There is no longer a reason for the Nature to get rid of us, people on the
Earth/ parasites in base, according to the Earth.

Earth - the only place, where we can and may become a Creators, now and here, for us to finish happily The Experiment on the Universe (Sirius).

It seems, we came here with the purpose to get lost of some basic mistakes in the whole Universe, and the Earth has given itself under our experience.

But, there is a question about it: for how long the Earth will stay for us?
Do we want a peace and safety for the Earth, for us and our children?
Just let's have it!

All, we need, is the Standarts of the Body-Earth-Space to come with it down to the Law.
Let's pray - doing our meditation for the Order, to become those Standarts to
the people's life, which might be expected, so long our Governments will get It for country's Law.

Your country's Governeiurs (Presidents) are too busy to pay attention for such simple and abstractive things, which bring, otherwise, - during ages! - an a-rhythm and mistakes, - chaos altogether, to every land and every life, in every aspects of a common History, including economy and health.

Are you agree, that your Government takes care of things, producing by chaos,
which they, - just with a pen, with a few articles in words and numbers, - they
may easy turn Chaos to the Order?

What is the way we can help it?

Make a Petitions to your Government and sign it. Ask for those Universe’s
Standarts in your Law! Try to understand what i am talking to you here.

Pray and give out to the Universe your wish to live just in Order, which the
Philosophy names a "Basement of the Universe" and an "ideal
Governing to the ideal Society".

With the ideal Idea of Governing, - let's name it in short "idea of
IG" or "IG-idea", - under idea of ideal society we are not going
to fight each other.
We are all the same - just a Measure and part of the God and it's Nature,
but till now some Mistaken Laws make us an enemy, our life - keeping as

We ask Russia make it's mission on the planet - to get the Idea IG and spread it all around the word, for the goodness of the whole planet.

At what time we are supposed to meditate\ pray\or just think about the Right
Standarts for It to bring us to the right Level and to niciest times of new

Actually, we should not give so much positive emotions to the New Year at 00:00 o'clock at 1 of January, because it is as well a mistake, considering to some Beginnings:
a Circle of the Year starts with Spring, at 22 - 23 of March, but not at the
middle of the Winter.

So does the Begin of the Day: day supposed to begin at 6 a.m., so does Night -
it starts at 6 p.m. The right Watches has 2 "heads".

Let's pray for all those New Eve holidays, all those months till the real New
Year, started with Spring. And for the Spring to start a bit earlier, then in
Order, come from Standarts of the Universe, - through the Constitutional Law, - into every constitution (of the body), into every life, every family, to every country and on our common planet! Got the Order, made by right Time-counting and right Space's grid  our common Space on
the Earth!

Order, be acting as a Hammer: make the sound of the Right symbols are getting into every cell.

Order, transform the whole negative energy, which was made already by chaos, to
the positive ones. Use the energy of the planet, people have already created
with mistakes, as a building material, needed while building our common new

Irina Maria,
Khorokhordina Ra.,

ирина мария
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Re: Je suis Time. Measure for the Law. Invitation for a pray

Сообщение ирина мария » 21 ноя 2017, 21:27

There are some Pictures:

1. Watch "Lotus": T = 12+8.
2. Building of the 3-dimensional grid
3. The same on the map of Moscow
4. Icon "Неопалимая купина" with the Wind's Rose
5. Icon "Державная" with the Axe of the Earth, going through
the center of Moscow, 37 - 38 grad.
6. How the new grid looks alltogether.
There is a Tourtle, which keeps the "gold Key", according to
the same-named Italian tail of Sh.Perro.
7. Spiral "Space+Time".
8. That is why 8-ty has to become a main Measure-symbol in Earth's Law.
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