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To His Majestry prince Charlеs

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To His Majestry prince Charlеs

Сообщение ирина мария » 18 апр 2009, 17:12

His Royal Highness the Prince of St. Jame’s Palace Wales.
Buckingham Palace London

Dear Sir!
There is a russian woman with an idea of the Philosophy, which contains an idea about the propheсy – an algorhythm of the Princess Diana’s life and about her date of the death. There is a common thing of the common pattern, got out of a lot of private stories and names, as well out of the name of “princess Diana”.
It happened to me having got the Key for the Common Algorhythm and while coming to the Formula of the Time i founded out about how to get the point of the death out of one’s name.
Names of the famous people are the best transmitters of the Idea and they are, as well, the best example of the pattern, of how to get that “point” out and, what is more important, how to figure out of the private algos the common Idea of the Philosophy, which was given to all people of the Earth, never mind in what language they have ever been spoken or how they are telling stories about those philosophy Things.

That means two more important things. The reason of the Princess Diana’s death was the ... resonance: place – time – sounds: call numbers and numbers of the people around as well came and sounded together and made the moment dangerous to the death. People used to name that “the destiny”. Another thing about it - rumors around the happening.

The second thing and a reason for Your Highness to get, might be, involved in this business is following: as soon, as a name’s program contains the Common Idea, one name from the top of the society, at the moment of the History, contains the nation’s idea.
Another thing about it – rumors about plots of in any ways displeased people. There are a lot of such people, in every country, even more: there is a world’s confrontation between religions, named “terrorism”, became the planet’s task to be solved.

You, Your Highness are going to help the world by solving the problem. The main point for the quarrel between nations comes so far even to God, - as if. In combinations of different languages one can get the real reason for the dissonance to become solved.
We should take the word “ God” in Russian and the reason sounds then as “Year”.

The Calendar and it’s Watch. It contains a lot of mistakes inside and seeds it’s u-rhythm all around the world and all around o’ Clock. Common Watches have their own mistakes and doing the same. That means: our common space is full of the produced mistakes out of the LAW, - in every directions of the life, - doesn’t matter what language people speak: Sun’s circle has it’s u-rhythm and Moon’s – it’s own mistakes, which i had figured out. It took about 8 - 11 years.
It does matter, how important it is to get rid of some Calendar’s mistakes and Your Royal Family has more reasons to be the first one on the way to clean the space up, for the world to become improved softly – peacefully and properly, and - immediately.

Your Royal Family have proved Her royal position during thousand years to compare with world-wide politicians, which have too short time to get them own profit and no time to deal with global things. After that Great Britain stays at 0 ◦ meridian, which means: You and Your Family are to stay at the new Beginning.
The matter is: new Big Wave of the year’s circles has already started again and the whole System came to the End with all. New Circle requires and seeds renewed patterns of the life, which might offer the right Calendar. Who else can do it better then You!

It could have been Your Highest mission as i see. I heard You visited Moscow once about 7 years ago, You were invited because of the Calendar, but that was Maya’s one. I liked and searched those Calendar too, but not after 2001-st, - fter i have found the Only Key: key’s - Word, which people coded as “philosophical stone”. You are not to believe in that, but “stone” in Russian means “word” and this Stone turned out to be the Word – Source (key in R.).
Well, as Bible stays about it: at the beginn - the word. This is the word of the God, but – the Year, as You already know. The Key for the Matrixes of the right Calendar, the word, which brings to the LOST DATE and to the 0-point to start with the right matrixes.

To compare to a computer’s processing: this “point” helps to reload the Windows. I would say this word is the window or the door with key, which people need, as one tale says. Would You become a new-co-storyteller with me, please!
There is the algorhythm of the Princess Diana: UD, - in Russian is supposed to be read as “Lost Day = lost 31/8”. By the way, almost the same code, as Leonardo da Vinci has. The main thing about all the codes is following: they are to become recoded with Russian Language and Common Algorhythm, with my own new numbered Alphabet “Eighty”.

There are Matrixes of the new Calendar, made of two circles, including the Moon’s one. There are new Watches. There is one more thing about the Axle of the Earth, which has got it’s angle changed and therefore it needs in it’s new map’s lines.
The main thing about it, which brings together London and Moscow is following: the 0- meridian. which goes ... through the Moscow (Turtle in it’s form at the map). And it is as right, as right the fact about the next Olympian Games, which brings together our two countries at the same task.
Why Russian Language is to become a translator from the Common Program? God knows. But one can take an Icon to prove that. They are not by chance mostly russians, they are to read out of them the Common Program, to start with that Date, the right rhythm of the right Calendar and right Clock and about the lines of the new map too.
And, as i have already said about the C.P. in the Princess Diana’s name, one can read her algorhythm there, at some icons and, as well, at the map.
New lines of the Map one can read in symbols of the Jesus’s Cross, and MAR-ia would mean there the Map. In Russian her name sounds likely, as “mapia (Marry)”.
Well, Your Majesty, You are the only person and “way” to help me and the world to bring the peace. According to the changing of the Climate Your country in need of those changes in the System, for your beloved land to stay alive.
The matter is: there is at the symbolic Libra one large Bowl has symbols of the System’s Program and another one keeps the results of that Program. System cleans up it’s mistakes (viruses) from itself for the new Beginn of the Big Wave to start automatically (“automats” in R.- guns), with “help” of any one: Nature – economy – policy or police. Even with the silence of my native top-politicians to my offer, they seem to prefer dealing with the results, made by mistakes of the Law (Calendar), which might make them to hero. God blesses us.

Regretfully from never having been Your Highness faithful servant, waiting for Your attention, Russian citizen
Khorokhordina Irina Maria Gennadjevna,
irinamariara@mail.ru 8- 909 – 941 – 63 - 49
ирина мария
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